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Patrick Chun

How to convert 2D STL mesh file to 3D solid part in Hypermesh?

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Hi all,


I was wondering how to convert STL mesh file into 3D solid part in Hypermesh before importing in Abaqus.

I would like to do stress analysis in geological formations such as caverns using Abaqus FE software.

Let me summarize my work briefly.

First, I have scanned point cloud data of the cavern from Lidar scanner.

Then, the point cloud is meshed by meshlab as triangular 2D mesh, then it is repaired by rhino (mesh repair process...remove naked, non-manifold edge, intersecting faces, fill holes...etc)

Second, it is imported as .stl into Hypermesh.

But as you know, it is 2D surface mesh, so I tried to convert it to 3D solid.

What I've done in Hypermesh is

1.  use Geometry > create> surfaces from FE, but it failed. The message says  "Failed to create some surfaces".

2.  use  2D->shrink wrap-> tetra solid mesh.

     Then try to export as .igs, parasolid, step file, but it failed. The message says "Unable to export model file". (see below)


3. Next I tried to use 3D>tetramesh>Tetra mesh to make 3D mesh. I succeeded in making 3D mesh.

   Then, I made surrounding box, after that, I was trying to Boolean operation (A-B) to subtract 3D cavern from the box. (see below)

   However, the operation was impossible because the cavern is not solid, I think.


At this moment, I don't know how to convert it to 3D solid part.

I've just heard that there is a way to use a script to create tempnodes of scanned data points.

Based on this, you may create two separate surfaces and finally be able to make solid. 


Anyone can help with my problem?  


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On ‎2‎/‎20‎/‎2017 at 9:43 PM, Rahul R said:

After  3d mesh. Did you extracted faces & then tried export options?

No, I did not.

After 3d mesh generation, it needs to extract outer faces of the geometry? Then export it as cad file extension?

Then import it again, make surrounding box, have boolean operation?

Am I correctly getting your point?

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Hi all


My problem is quiet similar. I've generated rootlike (trabecular) structures by optistruct topology optimisation. Now i would like to combine three optimised parts by boolean operation within hypermesh - three parts should be turned into one solid part. The first thing i have to do is to (re-)create the surfaces of the three solid meshed parts by the "SURF FROM FE" operation, right? After that i've to perform the surface extraction by the operation displayed before (2nd pic)? 


I've tried it in that way but it doesn't work. The surface creation tool exits with an "INTERNAL MESH ERROR" and the surface extraction tool find no surface. 


Is it possible to get a detailed tutorial for this procedure - solid geometry reconstruction from solid mesh?


best regards


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Dear all,


I am trying to convert an stl file generated from 3-matic to step so that further analysis can be done in hyperworks. How can this be done efficiently without losing any surface intricacies?

Could you please help!

Thank you.

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Hi everyone,


I hope everything is very good,  I was reviewing your last posts, if is possible someone can i help me i have a problem with a model, my professor give me a file .hm (hypermesh binary) to print in 3D but i can't export the file in STL format, i don't know the reason but when i try to export the file as solver deck >STL  only export part of elements, not all and show me 2 errors (attached image),  Could you help me to identify the problem?


thanks a lot,  I  appreciate it very much,




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Looks like there is some problem with the element or their properties. Can you please check that the correct property is assigned to the element.

It can also be due to poor elements. Please check the element quality also.


If this does not work please share the model if you can I will have a look at this.



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