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RMS error

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Could you please elaborate your requirement in detail?I am not clear  about your question whether you want to view any rms value. (Stress, velocity & acceleration)

We have many post on support forum based on rms. Please find below link for RMS stress.


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Hi Rahul,

I have parabolic dish, after doing static analysis i got deformed value of the parabolic dish, now i want to do surface fitting of the deformed dish. Is it possible to do surface fitting in Hypergraph?

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HG3D can’t create a 3d surface plot from scattered xyz data. What we support are surfaces where the x vector has m points, the y vector has n points and the z vector m*n points or when the surface consists of 2D slices. 


you could bring the data into HyperStudy and build a Fit.

You could then export a 3D plot of that fit surface to hg.


You can also use matplotlib to display the data. HyperWorks (and HG) have a Python interface. You can look at the link below for examples.

You only need about 20 lines of code to accomplish this. Here is an example.

from mpl_toolkits.mplot3d import Axes3D
from matplotlib import cm
from matplotlib.ticker import LinearLocator, FormatStrFormatter
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
import numpy as np

fig = plt.figure()
ax = fig.gca(projection='3d')
X = np.arange(-5, 5, 0.25)
Y = np.arange(-5, 5, 0.25)
X, Y = np.meshgrid(X, Y)
R = np.sqrt(X**2 + Y**2)
Z = np.sin(R)
surf = ax.plot_surface(X, Y, Z, rstride=1, cstride=1, cmap=cm.coolwarm,
                       linewidth=0, antialiased=False)
ax.set_zlim(-1.01, 1.01)


fig.colorbar(surf, shrink=0.5, aspect=5)


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