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Submit abaqus job using tcl command on main tcl console

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How can I submit a job to abaqus through the Main console in HyperMesh, I tried using abaqus job=abc.inp (for example), however HyperMesh gets stuck there and a few minutes later I get a Not Responding and have to shut down HyperMesh then.


Thank you.

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Hello jcd,


I'm not sure why you would want to submit an abaqus job through Hypermesh, but I can help you I think.

Usually, when I want to run abaqus in tcl, I use the syntax

exec abaqus job=abc

(so without inp)

sometimes with int included (for interactive mode)

So, I'm not sure whether you've used this same syntax, but your actual"problem" is impatience ;) Because something is running in Hypermesh in the background, hypermesh seems non-responding (this hold actually for all hyperworks programs...) However, when you check your task manager, or the abaqus files, you most likely will see progress. Hypermesh will start to respond again after the abaqus job has finished. 

What you can try, is to add & to the end of you line. Syntax:

exec abaqus job=abc  &

This means that TCL won't wait for a return command of the program you're executing. Hypermesh will then (as far as I know) remain responsive.


Kind regards,





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@Loesje84 : Thank you. The exec is exactly what I was missing out on. Initially I tried running it directly using abaqus job=abc as we would on an abaqus command prompt. When I ran the same with an ampersand at the end, it returned to me a 4 digit number, I assume that is the process ID for the job that was run ?

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