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How does AcuSolve use the relaxation factor, and what is the default value?

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The relaxation_factor parameter is available through the AUTO_SOLUTION_STRATEGY command. By default the relaxation factor is 0 (i.e. no relaxation). When relaxation_factor is set to a non-zero value, a number of changes to the solution strategy are made. These changes are primarily made through the LINEAR_SOLVER_PARAMETERS command. It should be noted that these changes typically cause slower non-linear convergence for steady state cases, so relaxation should only be used for cases that are very stiff or difficult to converge. Also, the relaxation factor should always be set to 0 for transient simulations. When relaxation is used, AcuSolve adjusts the number of projection vectors, the regularization factor, and the update factor that is used for each equation. These parameters are automatically adjusted when relaxation is used through the AUTO_SOLUTION_STRATEGY command. This ensures that suitable values are set for each parameter. Although it is not recommended, users can manually adjust the various parameters (i.e. update factor, regularization, number of projection vector) through the LINEAR_SOLVER_PARAMETERS command.


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