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Phase information in ProMan

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Hello everybody


I have been using ProMan for a while now but for certain simulations I get some serious deviations from the theoretical values that I calculated.

To identify the reason for this difference I wanted to see the phase of every wave that contributes to the field strength of a point.

However the log files that are generated only contain information about the path, transmission matrix, delay, field strength components and so on. 

I can calculate the phase difference between several paths (for example one direct path and a reflection) based on the delay and path length difference between them but i can't seem to find exact phase information for each path.


Is there a way to gather the phase from a path, wether indirect or direct, or does ProMan not have such a mechanism?


For the simulation I checked that the superposition of contributions is coherent and considers the phase.

These mismatches are mainly present when there are reflections.


Thanks in advance.


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the phase information is not explicitly computed in ProMan, only the propagation delay which is saved in the ASCII *.str file for each ray (as well as the number and type of interactions for this ray).

The phase information would need to be computed manually outside ProMan, based on the delay plus considering a phase shift of Pi for each reflection.


Best regards

Reiner Hoppe

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