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hello everyone,

i was meshing a solid body (Done auto cleanup, no free edges, no open surfaces) by tetramesh (volume tetra) and just after meshing 2 new component arrived in model browser named tmp_2d_for_tetra and error_elems. 

what does these 2 mean? How to remove these errors? what is the cause of it?

what should be done?


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Hi Ashu,

sometimes hypermesh fails to build the right mesh for the geometry. Lets say you took the bigger element size and there are more curvatures and features then it fails to build the right mesh. A temparary 2d tetra will be created to see where the elements are failing. Try remeshing with diffrent element size or you can use USE CURVATURE option and specify the min element size and Feature angle. You can try out with minimum element size as 1mm and vary feature angle, you see the difference. I have attached the panel image please check it.



Punith Guptha


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Hi Punith, 

thank you for such a reply.

I have looked further into the problem. And this issue was coming to the fact that the geometry imported was just composed of surface, hence hypermesh generated 2d mesh as well as temp2d tetra elements in case the body was solid(which was not).


I have solved the issue by importing a solid geometry.

Ashutosh Gupta

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