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Finding centroid of holes in meshed part - TCL script

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I am looking to write a script to place pre-meshed bolts at the bolt holes of an existing bolted flange mesh, an example of which would be below:




The bolt hole pattern will not always be a perfect crown, and therefore requires a more general approach


Are there any pre-existing tools in Hypermesh that I can use in a tcl script to automate this process? I know hypermesh can find and fill holes, im just wondering if it can find the hole, and tell me the centroid. Or are there any other clever ways for finding the hole centroids based on logically downselecting through tcl scripts?


Ultimately the crux is being able to find the centroid of the holes, I can manage the rest of the scripting.


If anyone has any ideas that would be greatly appreciated!







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There is available commands to detect holes. Please view reference guide for below commands


*createmark elems 1 displayed


hm_holedetectionsetentities elems 1

hm_holedetectionsetholeparams hole_shape=31

hm_holedetectionfindholes 1


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