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issue calling process within tcl

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Hi All,


I am trying to break down a 3d mesh to resolve it down to a single plane of elements generated by finding faces, such that I can then find the hole centroids in this 3d mesh.


I ask the user to select a component, the Z dimension representing the offset X-Y plane that the circles are in, and then proceed to start marking / selecting / organizing elements such that I end up with planar surface elements in a new component.

All of these commands work when I play with them manually in hypermesh


however when I try to call the process in tcl:


set CompIDFaces1 [Test1 $CompIDList1 $Z $tol]


I get the error:

invalid command name "Test1"


My code is below, I suspect this is some kind of syntax error. Would be much appreciated if anyone help out with this issue.


#Ask for user to select Bolt component
*createmarkpanel components 1 "Select Bolted Flange Components." 

#Retrieve component IDs in Array
set CompIDList1 [ hm_getmark components 1 ]

#Unselect components
*clearmark components 1

set Z 152.525
set tol 0.01

set CompIDFaces1 [Test1 $CompIDList1 $Z $tol]

Proc Test1 { CompIDList1 Z tol } {

#Select component previously provided by user
*createmark comp 1 $CompIDList1

#Find Faces
*findfaces components 1

#Hide everything but ^Faces
*isolateonlyentity comp "by name" ^faces

#Locally select faces in flange plane
*hm_createmark elems 1 "by box" "-999 -999 [expr $Z-$tol] 999 999 [expr $Z+$tol] 0 inside 1 0 0"

#Hide all other elements
*isolateonlyentitybymark 1

*createentity comps cardimage=Part name=Hole_Surface
*createmark elements 1 "displayed"
*movemark elements 1 "Hole_Surface"

*createmark components 1 "^faces"
*deletemark components 1

return "Hole_Surface"







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please try changing "Proc" to "proc"

if you use "Proc", then Test1 seems to be defined in ::hwt namespace


moreover, change " *createmark comps 1 $CompIdList1 " to " eval *createmark comps 1 $CompIdList1 "

and *hm_createmark to hm_createmark

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Thank you for the information.


It turned out that I needed to define the proc prior to issueing it. So I just moved the proc to the top of the tcl file and it worked out!

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