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Vinod Kumar Mannaru

Cold extrusion process modeling

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I am exploring AFDEX v16 for extrusion modeling, I couldn't able to find standard procedure or case studies for the same. Can you please share any documentation related to this?


Also I found that there is no change in settings on 'process information dialog box' when I shift between different manufacturing processes like forging, extrusion... Is there a bug or analysis options doesn't change with this selection. Please help.

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Hello Mr.Vinod, 


Thank you very much for your interest. Extrusion processes could of course be modeled using AFDEX. You can see an animation of a forward extrusion process using  the elastoplastic deformation type in AFDEX here. 




When a manufacturing process is selected in the "Process Information" dialog box, the changes come into effect at the back end of the software. This can be checked by looking at the second line of the SCF file. These files would be automatically created in the folder where the simulation is saved. Please refer File Types in AFDEX in case you would like to know the details that go into each of the supporting files of a simulation.


The second parameter in the second line of a scf file usually denotes the manufacturing process.

Ex: 2 - Rolling; 3 - Forging; 4 - Drawing; 5 - Extrusion, and so on....

So in this case, as we are executing a extrusion simulation, the second line of the SCF file would look like 

70       5       2       1


I have sent a step by step tutorial for a forward extrusion process simulation to your email. Kindly let me know if you need more information.

Cheers from Support Team!


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