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create cross section (Hypermesh 14) using tcl

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Hey all,


I am trying to create several sections automatically with a tcl script. I have organized all of my parts into a Part Set, which  I would likey to use as the basis for the section. The concern that I have is that the only way I can get this to work is through the GUI which enacts the following command:


*setvalue crosssections id=6 VisualizationPart_ID={sets 3}


The remainder of the section definition works well as follows:


*setvalue crosssections id=8 name=boltk geometrytype=3 basenode={0 10 152.525} normal={0 0 1} Radius=1 PartSet_ID=1


The difficulty in using "VisualizationPart_ID" is that the given ID (sets 3 in this case) refers to the third set in the panel that pops up (also the thid set in the Sets Tree). I wont necessarily know how many sets are pre-existing in a given model, and therefore I need a means to pick the actual Set ID, which I can define myself previously in the script.


Has anyone had this issue before?


ANy workaround?





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when you have just created a set, catch its ID by:


#creating set named "My Set"

set MySetID [hm_latestentityid sets]; #=> ID of "My Set"


so when you assign it to crosssection, refer to MySetID instead of picking it:



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