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geometrical Non linear static analysis on Ti-alloy having cross structure using optistruct

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hello to forum members,


Problem encountered by solver: Fatal error encountered.


About structure: Stucture - Cross

size: 12*12*18 mm

material : Ti alloy

using MAT1 and MATX


Property: PSolid and Psolidx(when using it, error is coming)

Load collecter: NLPARM is used


MY questions

  1.  is my way of solving  correct?
  2. which type of non-linear analysis is required (implicit or explicit) in such structures?
  3. what is meant by fatal error occurred and how to remove it?
  4. For CTETRA elements, Isolid (in psolidx) is not provided any value. does it means it has to keep off and other parameters such as imsrtr and icpre and iframe has to provide some numerical value? if so then what values should be chosen and why?
  5. there is no tutorial for solving such problems with Radioss. hyperworks help is not regularly updated
  6. In Matx card, is it necessary to provide values to all the parameters like a, b, c, epsmax, N, sigmax?


I am uploading .hm file with the issue. 

I need sincere assistance as this would help me completing my research work.


Thanks and Regardscross_669.hm


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Hi Ashu,


1) Are you using NLSTAT as analysis type? If yes, then PSOLIDX, MATX, cards are not compatible with NLSTAT. Instead use MATs1 to provide non-linear parameters.


2) Type of non-linear analysis depends on loading, event time etc...


4) For NLSTAT you don't need PSOLIDX


5) There are tutorials available on NLSTAT, NLGEOM (non linear implicit) on OptiStruct help



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