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Hi everyone,


I am trying to run the optistruct solver script on a linux cluster machine, however i keep getting the error below. I have attached the output file as well as copied the contents of the script file i am using to run the optistruct script.


I added the path to the Radflex license file as you can see below, yet it's still not working.


Please help.


Thank you,



Error message:


*** FATAL ERROR # 9174 ***
 *** Error starting Radflex licensing utility.
 *** Please check RADFLEX_PATH env variable.
 *** License checkout could not be initialized.


Contents of run.sh file i am using to run the script in Linux:

$ -S /bin/bash
$ -V

# Where we will make our temporary directory.

# Put your Job commands here.

# Work from submission directory
$ -cwd
# Defining output and error file
$ -o output.file
$ -e error.file

export ALTAIR_HOME=/usr/local/altair/14.0/altair
export RADFLEX_PATH=/usr/local/altair/14.0/altair/hwsolvers/common/bin/linux64
#export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=$LD_LIBRARY_PATH:/usr/local/altair/14.0/altair/hwsolvers/optistruct/bin/linux64:/usr/local/altair/14.0/altair/hwsolvers/common/bin/linux64

# your command to run the altair solver
/usr/local/altair/14.0/altair/hwsolvers/scripts/optistruct block.fem -nt 4






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For the Radflex error please set up Environment variables



The problem is with respect to LD_LIBRARY_PATH setting and RADFLEX file.


Please export the below variables in your Linux environment   in /etc/profile or  ~/.bashrc file and this should sort out the problem.


export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=$LD_LIBRARY_PATH: /13.0/altair/hwsolvers/optistruct/bin/linux64:/13.0/altair/hwsolvers/common/bin/linux64/


export RADFLEX_PATH=/13.0/altair/hwsolvers/common/bin/linux64


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