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Suspension System

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Hi Bhuvan,

Which solver you are using?

For OptiStruct, you can model suspension using CELAS element (spring element) and can assign with PELAS or PBUSH property.

For RADIOSS, you can model suspension system with Type 4 or Type 13 spring property.

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Hi akash@1995,


Dof1, 2, & 3 are translation degrees of freedom in x, y, z direction respectively. Similarly dof4 , 5 & 6 are rotational degrees of freedom in x, y , z direction respectively.


If dof2 is selected, it means that you are constraining translation movement in the y direction.


Orientation determines how springs are oriented in 3D space. Click the switch and select from either node, vector, and components.


Node: Select a node to specify the vector orientation.
Vector: Use the standard plane and vector selector to determine the orientation of the spring.

Components: To be used if the direction of the local y axis of the spring is to be specified by typing in the X, Y, and Z components.


Thank you



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