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Does AcuConsole support a generic ASCII text file format for importing eigenvectors from a modal analysis?

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Yes, AcuConsole does support a generic format for importing modal results. It is called AcuSolve Modal Response (AMR) format. Here is how it works: 

1.) A single XML file contains the eigen values and references to other files containing the nodal coordinates, element connectivity, and eigenvectors for each mode. 

2.) This XML file is what is read by AcuConsole. To accomplish this, go to the eigenMode Manager, select Open, then choose ACUSIM Modal Response from the File type filter drop down menu. You can now read in the XML file (with a .amr extension). 

Attached is an example showing the AMR format. Start by looking at the file named modalResponse.amr. This is the XML file. The format of that should be pretty obvious, but here is an explanation of it: 

coordinates Tag: Reads a file containing the coordinates of the structural model. This file contains nodeId xCrd yCrd zCrd 

element_set Tag: Reads the element connectivity of the structural model and specifies whether it is a 2-d or 3-d mesh. The format of the file is as follows: elementId node1 node2 node3 node4 ....... 

mode Tag: Specifies the eigenvalue for each mode, the mode index, and references the file containing the eigenvector. The format of the eigenvector files is: nodeId xEigenVector yEigenVector zEigenVector. 

Make sure that the eigenvalues are mass normalized when you import them into AcuConsole.


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