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Running acuReport for first time.

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The first time you run this program, it will go through an installation process. Please click ok on dialogs that appear when you first run acuReport. In the process, if it ask for any package installation of Latex please download the updated miktex.zip from the public area on our client vault. Unzip the compressed file and replace the miktex folder in /base/bin of AcuSolve installation.

More Details:

acuReport is a post processing tool that extracts data from AcuConsole database, AcuSolve output and any other user data. One has to create a simple python script to access data from different sources.AcuReport converts the python script into a latex document that could then be converted into pdf, html or an rtf document. Depending on the features of Latex that one uses, latex distribution could be as big as 2GB. Both on windows and linux we are including some of the standard packages in Latex that are used most of the time. If the users wants to go beyond these standard packages, they can download and add to the existing latex/miktex distribution. On windows, we use miktex. In V1.8 we did not include all the standard miktex packages required by acuReport. Miktex downloads packages as needed and hence some of the users might encounter problems while running acuReport, because they don't have the permissions to download and install the package on their machine. For now, please download the updated miktex package in the public area on our client vault. This will also be part of V1.8a distribution.

On Win64, there is a known issue that we are trying to resolve. The plotting package does not render the plots correctly. This is an issue with matplotlib package that we are trying to fix it.

Finally, acuReport is still in preview mode. Please feel free to provide your feedback so that we can make it useful for your applications.


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