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Read hypermesh status updates when Batch Mesher is operational

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Is there a way to read what updates are being posted on the Status bar when the batch mesher is run on a particular model ? 


For example I can see various status updates such as "Topology Cleanup : Step 10" and so on, but I want to read those status updates into a variable using a tcl script.


Any help is appreciated. Thank you.

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@tinh : This is really useful. However I have one concern, when I configure the message_label to my textvariable, it stops storing the updated messages that should be displayed when the batch mesher is run, instead if I change my variable's value only then is the text in the message_label changed on the hm window.


However, I was able to get the current text in the message_label using,

.mainFrame.bottom.message_label cget -text 


Then again, this only gives me the text that is displayed at the time I use this above line, but doesn't keep updating as the text in the label changes.


For example, I want to create a label in my GUI which mirrors the text that is displayed in the message_label always, how could I go about doing that ?


Is there a specific variable that stores the variable in message_label which I can then link my own label's textvariable to ?



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Hello @jcd


The only way perhaps is to bind .mainFrame.bottom.message_label with a script that will set your variable with its text value

Think that when message text changed, width of message_label will change, too. It will raise a configure event to which we can bind a script. Example

bind .mainFrame.bottom.message_label <Configure> {set your_variable [%W cget -text]}
#create your mirrored label:
toplevel .your_gui
wm transient .your_gui .
pack [label .your_gui.label1 -textvariable your_variable]



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@tinh : This is brilliant! I did think of binding the message_label text itself whenever it is changed, but wasn't able to find any way to do so. However, I never thought that we could bind it to whenever the width of the message_label is changed. This is exactly what I was looking for.


Thank you !

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