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How do I compile a UDF on WINDOWS installations?

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If you have a compiler on your system, make sure the /bin/ directory of the AcuSolve installation is included in the PATH environment variable. Then from the compiler command prompt - and in the directory where the UDF is located - issue acuMakeDll.

For example, on a WIN64 machine with Visual Studio 2005 installed, place the following in the C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio 8\VC\bin\amd64\vcvarsamd64.bat file. These lines can be copied from the \bin\Acusim.bat file located in the AcuSolve installation.

set ACUSIM_HOME=C:\Acusim\ 
set ACUSIM_SYSTEM_CNF=%ACUSIM_ROOT%\script\Acusim.cnf 
set ACUSIM_CNF_FILES=.\Acusim.cnf:~\Acusim.cnf:%ACUSIM_SYSTEM_CNF%

set PATH=%ACUSIM_ROOT%\base\lib\site-packages;%PATH% 
set PATH=%ACUSIM_ROOT%\base\bin;%PATH% 

There is no compiler included with the AcuSolve distribution, so you will need to obtain your own compiler. It needs to be a 32-bit compiler for 32-bit installations, and a 64-bit compiler for 64-bit installations.


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