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How do I restart a calculation with AcuSolve and make changes to the simulation?

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To perform a restart in AcuSolve, there are two conditions that must be satisfied: 

1.) The RESTART_OUTPUT command must be included in the simulation that you want to restart from. This command writes all data necessary to restart a simulation to disk at the specified intervals. 

2.) The RESTART command must be included in the input file of the run that you are restarting. 

The only changes that are made to the simulation once the restart is performed are the commands that appear after the RESTART{} commmand in the input file. In the attached example, the flow was first solved using a steady state simulation. To restart the simulation, and solve only for turbulence (i.e. using the previous flow solution), simply execute acuRun. The input file contains all of the commands necessary to restart the run. 

Please see the AcuSolve Commands Reference Manual for more information about the RESTART and RESTART_OUTPUT commands.


 AcuSolve’s reference manuals can now be accessed through AcuConsole’s Help menu, To see the available manuals, select Help–>AcuSolve Help Home. This will bring up the searchable html version of the manuals.


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