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How do I switch between a 'temperature_type = value' and 'temperature_type = flux' within the same simulation?

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Specify the Simple_Boundary_Condition with 'temperature_type = flux' with the desired values. Add a Nodal_Boundary_Condition on the surface with the desired temperature - but add 'active_type = user_function'. Within the user function, the return value should be '1' when the temperature condition is desired and '0' when the flux condition is desired.

The attached example has an AcuConsole database and the sample UDF. First, compile the UDF via acuMakeLib or acuMakeDll. Start acuConsole, open the database, and create the mesh (meshing parameters are assigned). Then run the problem. The duration of the problem is 12 seconds. Time 0-2 and 6-8 have fixed temperature and 2-6 and 8-12 have the flux condition.


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