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2D and 3D Combined simulation - Fastener manufacturing process, AFDEX

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Hello dear forum visitors,


AFDEX 3D can read AFDEX 2D results files either directly or by means of a simple connecting program, and thus 2D and 3D combined simulations can easily be carried out.


Of course, the 2D results can be viewed by the 3D post-processor with more powerful graphics functions.


Figure 1. shows the predictions of a five-stage precision cold forging process involving one piercing stage and a final three-dimensional stage, obtained by using the 2D and 3D combined simulation capability with minimum user intervention (i.e., with only an initial run and one connection run).


Combined Simulation.PNG


Figure 1: 2D and 3D combined simulation - AFDEX


It should be noted that this capability is especially efficient for fastener forming process simulation. The 2D and 3D combined simulation is strongly recommended for enhancing computational time, solution reliability, and engineering productivity when relatively few stages are three-dimensional. So it's time to use your resources smartly:).


Cheers from AFDEX Support team!



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