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Prashanth Ar

Procedure to Restart Radioss Run

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Procedure to Restart


First, while submitting the files for restart, please create a new engine file (may be copy - paste original file) and edit the extension from *_0001.rad to *_0002.rad


Next, in the newly created Engine file, you have to edit the number in /RUN, ex. /RUN/Drop_test/1/ will become /RUN/Drop_test/2/


Finally, while submitting the run call new Engine file(*_0002.rad) which you have created use same number of cores what you have used for the first run. 


Note:  During restart you can also change many parameters (If needed)  in the engine file like Termination time, Animation Frequency, Time History Frequency, Apply BCs, Apply Loads, Delete Interface/Part/Element etc



Prashanth A.R

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