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How do I get text file with x, y, z, Temperature on a Surface ?

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To get date in desired format, first get the complete set of nodes from Nodal Output, then parse that for just the nodes on the surface. If you are using Linux (or cygwin on Windows) you can do the following:

1. Extract the nodes for the surface in question - let's say the surface set is Wall_1 and the EBC file in MESH.DIR is Wall_1.ebc
reform -3,100,1 Wall_1.ebc | sort -nu > Wall_1.nbc
Wall_1.nbc will have the node numbers on the surface Wall_1

2. Get the nodes, coordinates, and temperature for the model using acuTrans:
acuTrans -out -extout -to table -outv node,coordinates,temperature
Let's say this creates a file called problem1_step100.out

3. Extract the information from the .out file for only the nodes on the surface:
unique -i Wall_1.nbc problem1_step100.out > Wall_1.temp
This will extract the lines from problem1_step100.out that have the same first column (the node number) as Wall_1.nbc.

Both reform and unique are in the /tools/ directory of the Linux installation. These will also work on Windows as well if you have Cygwin installed (or some other Unix/Linux emulator).


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