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Type 7 & Type 2 Contact Types in Radioss which are used in AOC 2017 Contest Models

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Dear Team,


I want to know about the TYPE 7 and TYPE 2, contact types and how to apply them. 


These contacts have mentioned in AOC 2017 Contest Model under Radioss section.


Kindly provide the information & videos for its application.

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Information regarding these two Contacts in Radioss for AOC 2017 Contest Models.


1.       Type 7 –  ( General Purpose Interface )


a.       Multi-usage impact interface, modeling contact between a master surface and a group of slave nodes.

b.       General purpose interface and can simulate all types of impact between a set of nodes and a master surface.


2.       Type 2 – ( Tied Interface )


a.       Tied Contacts define an interface that kinematically connects a set of slave nodes to a master surface.

b.        This interface is used mainly for the connections.

c.        It can be used to connect coarse and fine meshes, model spot-welds, rivets, etc



For AOC 2017 Radioss Model - 

1.       Type 7 interface is between “ Seat Frame & Ram”

2.       Type 2 interface is between “Foam & Seat Frame”


In order to know their application, refer below provided link for AOC 2017 Training & refer Day 14,15,16 for Radioss



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