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springback procedure & results

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Hello All,

Thanks for clearing all my previous queries,

Here after many trials of springback simulation using all possible ways of the springback setup (i.e. Using automatic/manual/ auto process/advance tools/multistage). I have found the unacceptable  spring back results that , in case of a hat section.

Here as shown in fig 2. the hat section part after forming-springback the part is going inside (-ve springback, which is unacceptable), i.e. if we bending/forming/flanging a part with 90° it will be springback with the bend angle as 90°+1or2 degree, but springback bend angle will be always greater than the bend angle.

But in this case the springback is showing as shown in FIG 2.

Image contains 1. springback part, 2. Actual Part, 3. As per the actual forming procedure

Please help me what should I do to evaluate the springback, You can take any Hat section part & form it using Pad ( since it is my Design requirement shown as in fig 1)


Please reply,


spring back_question.png

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Hello Santosh,

Here Please Find the Attachments,

1) Forming Rar contains forming setup

2) Springback Contains Springback Setup

3) also sent separately the .rad , .hf & h3d File for results


Suggest any other method or help me to correct it.








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Dear Santhosh,

I am really thanking you for replying my problem but my actual question is when  doing springback (as in your case also), after comparing the springback part with the 00.rad (only forming) part the formed part with springback is inside the part which is not acceptable as shown in fig 1& 2below.

The comparison image is in fig no. 3, 4 , Please refer below. (checkout the image 4 the springback part is springing inside (only) formed part.


Thanks & Regards,

Sumit P.



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