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Periodicity error

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Hi guys,


I'm new with Flux and I need a support to help me out from my problem. I am working on my thesis work about a simulation of a reluctance motor but I have some troubles with the physics.

I have built the motor geometry with the sketcher and meshed all the domain with aided mesh only; I have imposed the periodicity and infinite box and assigned all the regions to faces.

Now I am trying to check the physics but I find this error message:



"The lines :
3  60  139  140  146  147  155  158
 of the plan of periodicity have no linked discretisation.
 The mesh periodicity is not assured.
 The PERIODICITY PeriodicityNumberZaxis can not be taken into account
Lines of the constraint without reference line:
 To obtain the same line mesh on lines, you may


The mentioned lines are underlined in the attached picture. How can I solve this problem? Thank you in advance.




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You need LINKED mesh for those lines, because of the periodicity, the mesh must be exactly the same on both side of the motor.

For doing that just create a new mesh line with type "linked" and assign that to the line on the side of the motor.

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