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How to create Max stress Graph?

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Dear all.


i am new to this forum.  Now i am working as a NVH engineer (fresher). 

i am using Nastran solver to conduct vibration analysis.



In frequency response analysis. i usually apply 0hz to 250 hz to the structure and i measure the maximum vonmises stress at each frequency.


so is there anyway to plot a graph or track the maximum von mises stress at each frequency. 



1. live tracking the stress at a same node is easy. (but it will give the stress value at that node for different frequencies.)



at 1hz - the max stress is 2 Mpa.

at 2hz - the max stress is 5 MPa.

at 3hz- the max stress is 10Mpa.




at 250 - the max stress is -- Mpa.

like that

( irrespective of the position , i need only the max stress)


is there anyway to plot or track the max stress. please share it with me.

(if anyone cant understand my question. please let me know. i will try to explain better or i will give you the input and output files.)


thank you.

anticipating for the answer.



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You can try with the Advanced Query (Query>Advanced Query) option in HyperView, where you can extract the stress for each frequency and you can export the same.

 This option is available after you apply a contour plot to your model.

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