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There is a way to solve only a defined values of parameter and skip the ones that you don't are interested in?

For example I have a grid that goes to 1by1 to 10by10 defined by two parameters: number of raw and number of culomn. I wanna compute only cetain combimation, lets say 3x4, 6x2, 2x6. How can i do it?

Because if I create a solving scenario I can only put range of values, in this example i put number of raw from 2 to 6 an column to 3 to 6, in the computation FLUX will calculate the 5x2,5x3,4x3,2x5,2x4 exc.. several values that are not useful for me, Its a lot waste of time!

thanks a lot!

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Hi Federico,


I see two ways to do this :

  1. You can try to set up a parameter CASE that will go from 1 to your number of configurations in the scenario. Then all other parameters can depend on CAS with a list of values in a table. This works for IO parameters. Else, you can play with Valid functions in formulas to set up different values for each case. For example : V1*Valid(CASE,0,5.5)+V2*Valid(CASE,5.5,10.5) ==> This parameter equals V1 in cases 1 to 5 and V2 in cases 6 to 10.
  2. The MacroScreening allows giving Flux a list of values for some parameters and Flux will solve only these values. It will automatically reproduce the same postprocessing than in the first case. For instance you solve the original project qith one set of values. Then plot a curve. When you launch the macro you can select this curve and your txt file with the configurations. Flux will run everything and give you an excel fil with the curve values for all confuigurations. It also works with sensors.

Best regards

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