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[Bug?] Meshing changes input Geometry

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Hey guys,


maybe I am unaware of a setting which causes this, but at least to me, this is strange. I have a modified version of the CClip Tutorial and when I mesh it, the geometry changes and neither the geometry nor the mesh has a node where it should be.

.gif and .hm attached.


Thanks in advance,




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Thanks for your replies.

The problem I saw in this was not that the mesh is not at the desired location but that meshing changes the geometry which it should never do from my understanding.

If it is just a visualization issue as tinh suggested, turning up the refinment layer should result in the same visualization as before the mesh, which it doesn't.


So my question is: Has the geometry changed (before / after the mesh), and if yes, why and if thats a bug or completely normal behaviour.


Thanks for your help!

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Yes, it could be due to cad defect, sometimes fix points are not stick to surf

so they will not anchor node, and final mesh boundary => is real cad boundary

sometimes I change geom refinement to higher level and can see that.

but in your case, cannot.

Try export surface to STP/IGS then import it again

My hm14 cannot open your file but, I create such surface by hypermesh and can mesh it without problem

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1 hour ago, Rahul R said:

This is not a bug, but normal behaviour because of geometry.While meshing Hypermesh does not change geometry after mesh.BTW where you modelled this CAD?


The geometry has been modeled in 3d via Opencascade, the middlesurface has been extracted, so the surface comes from hypermesh geometry operation.

If the meshing does not change the geometry, why can you see the visualization change when I press "Return" after the mesh.


@tinh The mesh as the real boundary of the geometry would be ok for this case as the point gets nearly touched by the mesh line. I can see why HM would adapt the mesh there.


.Step File attached.

Thanks again for your kind replies



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