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Material conversion from Autoform .mtb format to hyperform .rad file

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Dear All,

I have got the new material in the Autoform : .mtb format & i want to use the same material properties in  hyperform for the simulation.

If its posssible ,Can you please tell me what is the procedure to use the same .mtb format ? & if not then which are the ways to read the .mtb file to get all material property values??

Please suggest the good way ASAP



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Hi Sumit,


We do not suggest you to use .mtb file and replace it in HyperForm. Either, get the below material properties for the same and create in HF.


1. Density

2. Youngs Modulus

3. Poisson's ratio

4. Y.S

5. T.S

6. Strain Hardening

7. r0,r45,r90 values


Try Opening the .mtb in Textpad and search for the above mat properties.




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Hi, I created the notepad file with the material properties. But only the name of the material is displayed in the software and the stress strain curve and other properties are not displayed. So I am not able to choose the material to run the simulation. Can you kindly help me in which format and what are the commands to be used while creating the notepad file?

Thanks in advance.

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