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Suresh Vijayan

How to open already existing powepoint file using TCL

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Hi , 


how to open a already existing powerpoint file using exec command.


i tired  exec "C:/Program Files (x86)/Microsoft Office/Office14/POWERPNT.EXE" "C:\VSURES33\ppt_documents\CAE.pptx.


its working.


but i need i will use the command in any system i should not bother about office14 or office10 etc.


beacuse each user will different office system so it should support for that.


thanks in advance


suresh vijayan

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Hi, you are asking about defaul shell execution that you have to retrieve from window registry

like this:


proc shellopenfile {filepath} {
    package require registry
    set fileext [file extension $filepath]
    if {[catch {
        #below is sample code in manual
        set type [registry get HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\\$fileext {}]
        set path HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\\$type\\Shell\\Open\\command
        set command [registry get $path {}]
    }]} {
        return -code error "Not found default program to open file $fileext"
    #we can open file by command, but it's better to make a batch
    #because handle space in file path is so tough!
    set fpt [open temp.bat w]
    fconfigure $fpt -encoding utf-8
    if {[string match "* %1" $command]||[string match "* \"%1\"" $command]} {
        set command [string range $command 0 [string last " " $command]]
    append command " \"[file nativename $filepath]\""
    puts $fpt $command
    close $fpt
    #now call the batch:
    exec temp.bat &
    set command


Now try open your file (remember to use / instead of \ , or use \\)

shellopenfile "C:/VSURES33/ppt_documents/CAE.pptx"

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