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Extrusion simulation result-files for tool deflection

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Hello everyone,


i have a question regarding the tool deflection analysis in HyperXtrude17.

I would like to use pressure loads from a previously computed steady state extrusion simulation to compute tool deflection.

The tool deflection wizard accepts only loads stored in *.hmascii file format, however the loads of my steady state simulation are stored in a *.fem file.

How can I transform the *.fem file into a *.hmascii file?


Best regards,






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Few questions before i answer your questions,

1. Are you following tutorial examples? this is supplied with help manual. Follow steps in tool deflection tutorial.

2. Are you using Click2Extrude? If not then please use this. Lots of steps are automated.



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Hello Narendra,


yes, I did the tutorial and no I prefer to use HX instead of Click2Extrude because I need to set some specific boundary conditions and I need to know exactly how my simulation is set up.

I still have a few questions:


1. When I try to compute the tool deflection as in the tutorial, the tool deflection is not computed and I can see it from the  xxx.out file. Here, in the section called "metal extrusion analysis" following message appears:


   * METAL EXTRUSION ANALYSIS                               *
   * ------------------------                               *
   * Extrusion Type (Direct/Indirect). = Direct             *
   * Analysis Type (Steady/Transient). = Steady             *
   * Calculate Profile Deformation.... = Yes                 *
   * Calculate Tool Deflection........ = No    



2. More over when I try to compute the tool deflection over the "tool deflection wizard" in HyperXtrude, the problem that I've already mentioned in the first message appears.

The .hmascii-File  of the steady state simulation containing the pressure loads in not saved anymore. Do you know how I can solve this problem?



Thank you in advance.

Best regards,






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