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RADIOSS All strains are 0.000e+00 whilst I have stresses

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Hi there,


currently I am running explicit FE simulations with Radioss Block.

The simulations are setup using a "master" file, that calls a number of input files.

The input files comprise sub-assemblies of the total model.


Now, in my results I am able to make a contour plot of the (Von Mises) stresses. Maximum Von Mises stress is 275 MPa.

The animation files show indeed excessive deformation of the component in a specific include, which is expected.

However, when trying to plot the strains, it seems results remain 0.000e+00 for the entire simulation time for this component.

I am able to view both stresses and strains on the other components.


In my engine file I do request to output the strain tensor:

# Animation file control
0.000000e+000 1




Could it be an issue on the material or property card?


#          RHO_I
2.800000E-06                 0.0

#                  E                  Nu     Iflag

                70.0                 0.3

#                  a                    b                    n           EPS_p_max            SIG_max0

                 0.2                 0.3                 0.5                          0.0                   0.275

#                  c   EPS_DOT_0     ICC   Fsmooth               F_cut               Chard

                 0.0                 0.0         0                0                   0.0                    0.0

#                  m              T_melt              rhoC_p                 T_r

                  0.0                    0.0                     0.0                  0.0


Is anyone aware of the possibility to loose the strain for plotting purposes, whilst the stresses are still present?




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Strain tensor is output only if Istrain =1 in shell property (/PROP/TYPE1, /PROP/TYPE10, /PROP/TYPE11, /PROP/TYPE16 and /PROP/TYPE17), except for material laws 15, 19.

Please try with this option.

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Excuse me for the late feedback.


Indeed, I can plot strains now on my component. thanks! :)


On the property card the value Istrain = 0 (such that it was looked up on the /DEF_SHELL card).

On the /DEF_SHELL Istrain = 0 (such that it would take the default value, i.e. Istrain = 2: no)


Istrain: Compute strains for post-processing flag


= 0: default, set to 2

= 1: yes

= 2: no


I have changed the parameter to Istrain = 1; for both the PROP card and the /DEF_SHELL



Thanks for the reply!

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