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Tanuj Joshi

Importing Hypermesh file to ANSYS Fluent

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Hello, I made a CFD mesh using hypermesh to simulate heat transfer from flowing fluid across a pipe wall. 

Components created are:

-Steel pipe (solid)

-fluid flowing inside (fluid)

-ambient air outside (fluid, in the form of an enclosure)

-inlet (inside fluid 1 surface end)

-outlet (inside fluid other surface end)


Since I am not quite experienced with Acusolve I chose to work in ANSYS Fluent. I exported meshed file in NASTRAN. Then imported it into Fluent. But in Fluent there are no boundary conditions as  "Inlet" & "Outlet". Also certain unknown boundary condition parameters appeared, which I couldn't understand. 

I am hereby attaching the graphics window of Fluent for your considerations.


Kindly, help me in knowing if the components I created in hypermesh aren't correct, do I need to create "Interfaces" too or anything I am missing which must be made to get desired boundary conditions in Fluent.


In anticipation of positive reply.


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Thanks a lot Sir,

That will work, I guess.

But there is 1 more issue. The example which is given in pdf contain only 1 wall (surface).

In my case its a fluid flow inside a metal (thick cylinder) pipe. So how many wall conditions will be made??

Should it be 3:

1 for fluid flowing inside

1-1 each for metal pipe inside and outside surface????

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Well, I have carried the whole process in the above mentioned manner (in pdf.) Its showing following error message. (as shown in attached pic)

Components include:

-a solid pipe (half of steel and other half of rubber)

-fluid flowing inside

-ambient air outside


now I have made 2 walls, one for outer (including outer surface elements of steel pipe and rubber pipe and inner surface element of ambient air)

- another for inner (including inner surface element of steel pipe and rubber and outer surface element of fluid flowing outside)


Is it correct way to do it????

where is the mistake.. pls let me know??



Thank You

New Bitmap Image (2).jpg

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