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Non Linear Quasi static Analysis

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Hello All,


I am doing non linear Quasi static analysis for example attached , where i am analyzing the deformation in part 2 due to impactor. I have modelled the two contact surface with GAP elements and have give displacement boundary condition of 100 mm to Impactor using curve.

I am using NLPARAM(LGDISP) subcase


I get error in Model3.fem

*** ERROR # 1461 *** in the input data:
 Card "METHOD(STRUCTURE)" is not allowed for this subcase type.


Even though i have not specified "Method" in Loadcase which i know is used for Eigenvalue extraction

as workaround I manually deleted and continued with analysis with Model4.fem

But i get error as shown in Model5.out file


can anyone help me with these errors?


Thanks and Regards







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Please update the loadstep to QUASI STATIC instead on generic case. Also provide the right load in LOAD. SPC is not valid in LOAD field. 

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