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Problem when defining a multi-body deformable surface contact

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Dear all,


I am trying to define a multi-body deformable surface contact for Optistruct using MBDCNTDS type of interface. Below image shows the doc page for this type of interface. As the docs say, I have made an MBDSRF type node set to use as the deformable surface. I am able to pass this MBDSRF type of set into the SRFID entry of the MBDCNTDS . So no issues with the deformable surface part.


However, when I try to make a node set for the SID1 entry in MBDCNTDS, it will not accept any of my node sets which are saved as entity sets. I have tried using many different card images (SET_GRID and many other), still, the SID1 entry of the MBDCNTDS  I'm setting up will not see my node set.


I would be grateful if you could share any information with me regarding the type of node set I should use which can be passed into the SID1 entry of MBDCNTDS.


Relevant info: I'm using Hyperworks 2017


Best regards,


Deniz Bilgili


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I tried on Student Edition of HyperWorks 2017 and it works fine at my end. 


1) Create a set_Grid (which is SID1--> Master in Interface panel)

2) Create a MBDSRF (which is SRFID-->Slave set in Interface panel)

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Hello Prakash,


Thank you for your response, and apologies for my late response, I have been out of work for some time.


When I use the Analysis -> Interfaces -> Add panel, I am able to select a SET_GRID for SID1 and MBDSRF for SRFID as you said. However, when I use the Analysis -> Interfaces -> Create panel to create an interface and then use the tree item to assign entity sets to SID1 and MBDSRF, the problem I mentioned in my first post occurs. Please see below images.



Figure 1


Figure 2



Another point is, when I use the Analysis -> Interfaces -> Add panel, it does let me select a SET_GRID for SID1; however, even though the tree item says 1 set is assigned to SID1, when I press on the sets button as shown above in Figure 1 to view the assigned set, it again gives me a blank screen just like it shows in Figure 1.


Could this be a possible bug? I haven't tried to run an analysis so I do not know yet whether it will be able to use the assigned sets or not.


Thank you for your time,


Best regards 

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