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Linear Static Analysis with Thermal Boundary Conditions

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I am working on a project to simulate the cooling phase in an enamelling process. I simply generated a composite cantilever beam with two different materials to obtain the stresses and displacements during cooling process.


I will cool down the composite cantilever beam from an elevated temperature to room temperature. The problem is, I am new to thermal boundary conditions and I can't find the correct load collector combination to handle the problem.


To summarize the simulation;


1. Structure is at 350 degrees celcius and it will cool down to 20 degrees celcius.

2. Due to thermal expansion coefficent difference, the composite beam will deform. 


Thanks in advance!


Mert Cevdet Gunay

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Prakash, thanks for your reply.


I am actually trying to solve the problem not as a heat transfer but as a linear static analysis with temperature as the only variable. I want to define the cooling regimen as Temperature-Time graph and see the response of the bimaterial structure. 




Mert Cevdet Gunay



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