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Hello Everyone,


In most cases for sheet metal weld location we wont maintain weld splits in shell meshing. Most of the time we need stress at weld toe. We obtain toe stress by interpolating result between two nodes.


So I am trying to create a script in which just by selecting the 2 nodes and inputting the distance of interpolation it should show the result at distance.


I have already prepared script for linear interpolation between two values.


1. So I want user to select two nodes on screen then in background script should save node contour value and zero distance for first node (x1,y1).

2.then when second node is selected it should save the nodal contour value for second node and distance from first node (x2,y2).

3. then user will input distance of interpolation (x3)

4.linear interpolation is done and (y3) will be calculated 


4th step  is ready with me.

How to get 1 , 2 and 3rd step to be done in hyperview?


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It seems that hv does not provide a proc to select nodes on screen. I can write a similar one but instead., you can use hwtk inputbox to input node id for calculation

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Hello Tinh,

Create mark or query nodal contour values, options not available in Hyperview?


Because inputting nodal id will not save much of time as user as to query nodal id each time. Is there any other way around?

Thank you

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