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I need to use an external python package (openpyxl) to connect FLUX with a data sheet. I installed that package in the FLUX's "lib" folder but when i try to import it in the command prompt zone, an error showing "no module named openpyxl found" appears.

How can i install external python package in the correct way?


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use python import

e.g. import sys


works for python 2.7 packages, for external don't works for example:

Can not execute the following command :
import scipy

Problem to import the module : scipy
Enter sys.path to see if this module is accessible from your jython session



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If you want to create or to modify excel file, you can have a look at the macro called BHSplineToExcel (located in C:\Altair\Extensions\Macros\BHSplinetoexcel.PFM for standard installation)

For example, the jxl library is already available.

from jxl import *
from jxl.write import *
import os
from java.io import *


name    = "name_of_file"

workbook = Workbook.createWorkbook(File(os.getcwd()+"/"+name+".xls"))
sheet = workbook.createSheet("BH", 0)


label1 = Label(0, 0, "Material")
label2 = Label(1, 0, mat.name)



If you want to add a library to Flux, you have to specify the path in the options by following the next steps:

 - Open Flux supervisor

 - Click on [Options] (on bottom left)

 - in [access path] click on [Python]

 - and then fill in the fields for the working directory of classes or libraries

I hope it will help

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