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I am working on setting up a model for a simple topology optimization and I am consistently running into the same error when trying to form a mesh. I have meshed the entire design space and part of the non-design space but the final solid always results in an error of "1 edges failed nodal setup. Meshing failed". I have not been able to find any information about this error online so far. 


I have attached a photo of the error message and a photo of my model prior to meshing. The attached model includes the failed mesh as a "tmp" component.


Is there an error in my geometry? How would I be able to mesh this final solid?





Error message.PNG

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This issue is happening due to an edge in the model, which is an error in geometry.

As shown in the image below line 116 is causing this geometric issue, which you need to clear.And also it seems like a duplicate surface is also there.

Delete solids,  repair the surface and finally you can perform the volume tetra.







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Hello @George P Johnson,


Thank you for the help. I have deleted the solid and can now also see the line that is causing the issue.

Could you please also explain how I can remove this line and repair the geometry? I have been unsuccessful so far


Where is the duplicate surface? I am trying to use Geometry > Defeature > Duplicates but no duplicate surfaces are found.


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