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Karthi keyan

How to measure volume,area and mass using tcl

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^.^ altair not provide command for min solverid ???

using hm_entitylist get list of i-IDs then convert to s-IDs

sort s-IDs list then you get minimum value

or : push panel "renumber" => *createmark entity 1 all => hm_activateitem "min/max" => hm_getmessage

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Thanks for the Reply!!


But, i tried both i did't get the results..


set i 0

*createmark elems 1 all
set elemList [hm_getlist elems 1]
set elemMin [lindex $elemList $i]
puts -nonewline $fileId $elemMin


when i print the "elemMin" nothing is there


i want to print the mininmum id's of nodes,elements,materials,systems and system collectors in a file...


And one more thing is i tried to deletemodel for importing new file...


I tried



*deletemodel 1



*answer yes


wen i run this it is asking the user to select yes or no...




Help me on this!!!

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