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Branden Little

ERROR # 4003: Abnormal termination in NLGEOM subcases

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I am trying to run a topology optimization study on a model with non-linear geometry (large displacements). I am applying my loads by imposing a force via NLOAD1 Card Image. However, whenever I run the study, I receive the following error:


ERROR # 4003: Abnormal termination in NLGEOM subcases.


I have no idea what this error indicates, and I can not seem to find any other online resources to help me troubleshoot. 


The check screen output is shown below:



Additionally, here is my NLOAD1 definition:



And here is my Non-Linear subcase definition:



Please let me know if you can help me identify the source of this error.



Thanks in advance!



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I saw you have a DTPL with stress limit, and a constraint-response that constraints stress.

please remove this constraint+response

I don't have v2017 but try to remove it by a text editor.

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Hi @Branden Little


Looks like the model is under constrained. Did you run linear static analysis just to confirm stability?



I would suggest to use RADIOSS for modelling and optimization instead of OptiStruct for modelling and optimization. RADIOSS will be used for solving and OptiStruct in the background will be used for optimization. 

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