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I am trying to figure out how to model the heat generation on a brake rotor during braking using Optistruct. Are there any guides that describe this process or something similar to this? How would you approach this? The total energy of the system is known and will be evenly distributed over three brake rotors to stop the vehicle in a given time. Now, I need to model the maximum temperature reached. 

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In Optistruct you can perform contact based thermal analysis.Heat conduction through CGAP/CGAPG/CONTACT & Clearance based conductivity. PFA same deck for two blocks in contact.


We dont have any existing document for brake rotor for heat generation.You can find readily available brake example using Radioss Solver. PFA screenshot from help.You  can also check for Altair Acusolve solver for your requirement.

clearance based conductance.JPG


Radioss Brake Example.JPG

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