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Balaji Viswanadh G

Preprocessing options in WallMan greyedout

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Hi, This question is regarding WinProp WallMan software.

I found in my WallMan window that, all options in preprocessing tab are greyed out (disabled). Also, the preprocessing icons on the right side of WallMan window are greyed out too.

Can anyone help me to find a way to activate Preprocessing properties.

I am in need to run 3D IRT for my simulation which I cannot do without preprocessing data. 

I highly appreciate your help.




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Hello Balaji,


At this point, you have a geometry database defined in WallMan. To make WallMan do the pre-processing, do the following:

1. Dave the Database.

2. Close WallMan (this may not be essential).

3. Start WallMan fresh (if you chose to close it in step 2)

4. Choose File / New Project   (this is probably the key step, a new project)

5. Open the database you just saved.

6. Now you can access the menu Preprocessing / Edit Preprocessing Parameters. It is no longer greyed out.

7. Enter the specifications for which the menu asks you: out put file name (different from the original name), IRT mode, etc. From this point on, just follow the menus.


I hope this helps. Best regards,



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