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Arbitrary Section to get the hitting mass flux of a surface?

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Hey AcuSolve community,

For my different configs I need to know how to get the mass flux that hits a surface of any model. 

I think we can observe the mass flux of points. But the question is how to get the hitting mass flux values for any surfaces which exist in the model geometry. 







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If by geometry surface, you meant a surface that is defined in geometry, however has no boundary condition, then deactivate the SimpleBC in AcuConsole and keep the Surface Outputs  activated.  

If you run a simulation like this, then AcuProbe will show this surface (without BC) under Surface Outputs tree. All integrated values of this surface (e.g. MassFlux, Pressure, etc) will be available as outputs in AcuProbe (and in AcuOut or AcuTrans). 


If this does not answer your questions, kindly describe this surface in more detail or with a picture. 

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