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Hello all,


I have a question regarding viewing results of two abaqus result files in Hyperview. For some reason, Hyperview automatically synchronizes the loadstep (simulation step) when two ore more results are displayed in a page (for instance, left window myresfile.odb and right window myresfile2.odb). If I want to compare the results of loadstep 1 of file 1 and loadstep 3 of file 2, this is impossible! Everytime I go to the second window to select the third step, the first window jumps to step 3 too. And then I go back to window 1 to set it to step1, the second window jumps to step 1.

Can anyone help, because this is extremely annoying. With NASTRAN models, by the way, this does not happen.


Kind regards.

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Well, I though we've tried every possible check/uncheck combination in this synchronization tool, but apparently not. However, unchecking everything freezes the load step of all models, so it's not the solution. The solution is, I found, to first set the first model to the appropriate step, uncheck master and the first model. You can then change the step of your second model, but note that it is IMPOSSIBLE to change the step of the first unchecked model (although it may seem in the dropdown menu used to select the step). If you want to compare a third model, you go to the second window, set it to the correct step and uncheck this model in the synch tool, etc.

It will look (for three models) like this:



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