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Import restart data for CFD simulation with Hypermesh/ACUsolve

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Hi @all


First, i hope this is the right forum for this topic. If it isn't, please switch. 


I've to simulate an multiphysics coupled heat transfer + fluid cooling process (like cooling fins or spines). For that case i've to define an heat flux into the base of the solid structure. The heat is flowing through the structure and left the structure on the "water" cooled contact surface. This cause an increase of the fluid temperatur deltaT (T_in-T_out) on the outflow against to teh inflow temperature. The fluid flow is perpendicular to the heat conduction in the solid. 


Points I've finished:

  • Import complex geometry into ACUCONSOLE (+meshing)
  • Define the global problem description
  • Define the inflow, outflow, heat source (basic BC's)
  • Simulation of the fluid flow through the structure


still open Points:

  • Simulation of the heat conduction 
  • Define the result of the Simulation (heat cond.) as boundary for the flow simulation



As i wrote in the title, at the moment I work with the ACUCONSOLE.

  • Is Hypermesh (with the ACUsolve deck) better for multiphysics like this?
  • How can I define old results as boundary conditions in new simulations? (current temperature/heat flux as input value for the fluid wall)
  • Is it possible to import more than one geometry into acuconsole? (The software always want to delete the previous part when i import a second one)


I hope you can help me to solve this problem.


best regards




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