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Find nodes on line

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Hi all, 

I have imported a line from CATIA, into HyperMesh model (mesh). I need to find using the nodes from the mesh which are located on (near to) that line within certain tolerance.

Is there any Tcl command for this purpose?

At the moment, I can identify the line using its name from metadata, i.e.

*createmark lines 1 "by metadata contains value" TAG  Line_101


But I couldn't find any Tcl command for finding the nodes around the line on this mark.

I will be very thankful for any useful information.


Best regards,



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On 12/25/2017 at 12:54 PM, tinh said:

I think there is no such command

Tr associating nodes to the line then you can createmark nodes "by lines"

Hi tinh,

I am trying to find the nodes around a free line, i.e. a line which is not an edge of (or not attached to) a surface.

For example: the line id is 23 and I use the following commands  to attach the nodes located within 0.1 tolerance, to this line:

*createmark nodes 1 all ;

*nodesassociatetogeometry 1 lines 23 0.1 ;


And the output message is:  A geometry entity must be selected.

If I try to find/associate nodes to any free line (which is located very near to a surface), this error is returned.  

However  if I try to find/associate nodes to any edge of a surface, it is easily done by HyperMesh.

Is there any limitation for *nodesassociatetogeometry command when trying with free lines?

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