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Using MATT1 with PCOMP Property

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I am trying to do an analysis on a enamelled sheet metal part, it is bimaterial. As initial condition, temperature is 350 celcius degrees and as final condition, temperature is 25 celcius degrees. So, I applied a temperature load.


I used MATT1 and entered temperature dependent material properties in TABLEM1 format. I used PCOMP card to model the structure as composite. Materials (Steel and Enamel) are taken as isotropic materials so there is no ply orientation.


When I start the analysis with Optistruct, the programme gives the following error message:


ERROR 14: Missing property #    2 referenced by  CQUAD4 # 1 


What can I do to solve this problem?


Thanks in advance.



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Hi Prakash Pagadala,


I need to use temperature-dependent material properties on a composite material composed of two layers. Analysis scenario is such that the composite structure is cooling down from an elevated temperature down to room temperature. 


Are there any way to use MATT1 and PCOMP property? I am using shell elements to represent the structure.


I tried to run the analysis and take the following error:


*** ERROR # 7992 ***


   ioerr(1) = 2146697216

   ioerr(2) = 4


Thanks in advance.



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