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Effect of element quality

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Hello Everybody,

We keep eye on element quality criteria in order to get a good quality mesh. Anybody would please tell me in what way does every element criteria (such as Warpage, Aspect ratio, Jacobian, skew etc) affect the results? I know that ideal element shapes are square and equilateral triangle (for 2D elements) and any diversion from the ideal shape would lead to negative effect on the results. But what effect does every criterion has on the result? 

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Different quality parameters like skew, aspect ratio, included angles, jacobian, stretch, etc. are the measures of how far a given
element deviates from the ideal shape. A square means that all of the angles are 90o with equal sides, while an equilateral triangle
has all angles at 60o with equal sides.


So all the different criterion will hinder the results in some or the other way and for the best results all the criterion should try and be satisfied.


Please fond more on this in the eBook Practical Aspects of Finite Element Simulation (A Study Guide)



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