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Romain B

View Flux mesh in SimLab

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At a recent Flux conference, I heard that SimLab has very interesting tools for viewing a mesh and I was hoping to use it to observe the meshing of the air in my 3D models, which is an absolute pain in Flux itself. Is there any documentation on how I can open my meshed geometry from Flux in SimLab?


Thank you in advance!


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In the help of Flux you find all steps that you need to do this operation.

You follow the steps:

  • In Flux you export your project (step, IGEs… format).
  • Open Simlab and import the (Step, ICES…) file
  • Mesh the device in Simlab
  • Once the device is meshed, you export it
  • In Flux, import the new file that you get from Simlab (project >> Import mesh from a Hypermesh/Simlab/OptiStruct (Nastran) file

A link to see Simlab mesh export workflow:


Hope this will help.

Best regards.

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Thanl you for your answer.

However I do not want to mesh in SimLab. I would like to keep meshing in Flux for convenience, but I would like to use SimLab to view the mesh that Flux created. Is this possible?

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You are welcome.

Yes it is possible. To do it, one the project is solved:

  1. In data exchange, select export quantity and after select export spatial quantity and formula starting from different types of supports
  2. Flux open a window (see attached PPT file)

With this method you need to do the same step for each region.

In the new Flux version (2018), you can do it by selecting all the region in the same file.

Best regards.


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